WILD Spotlight: Simon Rawadi, Co-Founder of Slyletica

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WILD Spotlight: Simon Rawadi, Co-Founder of Slyletica

On this episode of WILD Spotlight we interview Simon Rawadi, Co-Founder of Slyletica – The Biggest Apparel Brand You’ve Never Heard Of.

SimonRawadi, 33, is CEO & Co-Founder of Slyletica. In 3.5 years Slyletica has become a leading fashion agency for manufacturing and brand development, servicing over 155 clients in 12 countries, including some very famous influencers, athletes and large retail brands looking to stay on the cutting-edge of activewear.

Clients come to Slyletica to start their own sportswear or swimwear label, some even selling out via social media within days of their release. The company has since been named the fastest growing apparel start-up in Australia. His greatest accomplishment to date is marrying his business partner, Yetta Rawadi, COO of Slyletica, and welcoming their daughter Amelia, in 2018.

On this interview we go deep into how this all started, Simons mindset around money and abundance, and keeping a family going with the stresses and challenged of running a multi million dollar organisation.

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